Caitlin Stockwell


This project is part of my Web Design Freelance services. Some details may be omitted due to client privacy.
Product: A full responsive website redesign for Caitlin Stockwell's political campaign for OneCity's internal election.
Role: Website Designer, Copywriter
Skills: Research, Website Design with Wix, Email Marketing, Branding, Stakeholder Communication
Timeline: Website Redesign (Feb 2022), Email Marketing (Feb 2022), Website Maintenance work (April- May 2022)
Value Proposition
Caitlin's (the client) original website design and information architecture was a helpful start to the 2 Day redesign commission. The original website was already live, and had sufficient copywriting within each page. However, it was a Minimum Viable Product, and could benefit from a more personalized branding, responsiveness and modern feel. 
Given the margin of value that an accessible website could provide before the March internal election, the client and I both agreed that the website needed redesigning asap. 
Caitlin Stockwell's Original Website
Before the initial consultation, I did a Preliminary Investigation of the client's field and competition. I visited other candidates' websites, as well as popular politicians' websites to see the current design conventions. 
I also needed to assess the level of fidelity that the website is at and its potential. After I interviewed the client to understand the campaign motivations, website purposes and pain points, we agreed upon these Value Propositions:
• To improve the website's scannability and overall design 
• To maintain an eco-related branding, but add a friendly, personable feel for the end users
• To make the website responsive for both Mobile and Desktop
Established Websites: Mike Morrice (left) and Elizabeth May (right)
Competitive Analysis: OneCity's other candidate nominations for the internal elections
Design Process
Good, Contextual Design
Since this is a personal political campaign, I wanted to get an idea about what the client considers to be good design. I asked about websites she likes the looks and feel of, and which ones could be in line with her ideal personal branding. She mentioned websites such as Woven Magazine, Frank and Oak and etc.
I also wanted to pick an appropriate design for the users; according to the client, she expects that the users will be progressive, left-leaning Vancouverites in their 20's to 40's.

Client Preferences: Woven Magazine (left) and Frank and Oak (right) websites

Content Familiarization
To start, I walked through the site page by page to take inventory of the existing elements and assets.
With my Initial Evaluation, I observed that the biggest site issues were the design and layout. Thus, it was most efficient for me to use a different design template altogether.
I created a site map on Fig Jam to better visualize the foundation and the opportunities for redesign and reorganization. 

Original Site Map created on FigJam
Design Inspirations & Template
During the Preliminary Investigation, I found that it was very common to display the following:
• navigation bars 
• social links
• brightly exposed, friendly images
Keeping these findings and the design context in mind, I wanted to use a template that is clean, simple and has an eco-related feel. I wanted a template that has a navigation system similar to those of the competitors’ and popular left-leaning political leaders, so that users of similar demographics can have familiarity and recognition. 
Although I still had to edit many of its elements, the Adventure Tour Company template ticked all of my preferences and had a good design foundation to build off of.
Website Template: Adventure Tour Company template from Wix
Content Reorganization

The original website's design did a good job of categorizing the navigation bar, however, more subsections and interlinking between pages could be added for scannability and increased SEO.
Moreover, at the time of the consultation, the client shared that the purpose of the website is to direct people to become a OneCity member (note that only members can vote in the internal elections). Therefore, it became a priority to improve the website’s CTAs and improve information display.
Updated Site Map created on FigJam
Updated Website
I began my redesign with a focus on implementing changes that would have the greatest impact on the site’s organization, accessibility, branding, and consistency. Another key consideration for the website was portraying the “approachability” of my client through the design since the website was for a local political campaign. 
In addition to the updated sitemap and template, here are notable design and functional changes I made to the website:
• hero section
• concise, consistent CTA buttons
• contrast and accessibility
• mobile and desktop responsiveness
• endorsements
• media links and Twitter embed
• logo
• tone & voice of copywriting
• social links
• internal linking, anchoring, and external hyperlinks
Original Website Pages: Home Page, Policy Page, About Me Page, Get in Touch Page (left to right)
Updated Website Pages: Home Page, Policy Page, About Me Page, Get in Touch Page (left to right)
Email Marketing Campaign
Impressed by my work, my client later requested that I create email marketing assets and assist in executing the campaign. The client provided the email copy, links, and email list. In designing the newsletter, I ensured that the email headers were captivating, the branding was consistent with the website design, and that each CTA was clearly articulated. 
The client initially wanted to subscribe to a marketing tool for her communications, but I was able to design and implement her communications through Wix using her pre-existing plan instead.
My marketing email campaign, which was delivered to 1300 recipients, achieved a 71% open rate – 48% above industry (Politics) average.
Email Newsletter: Let's keep the conversation going!
Design Impact
Since my rebrand, the average time spent on the website increased from 3~ minutes for January 2022 to 12~ minutes for February 2022. The bounce rate for the website significantly decreased, and users now spend long enough on the website to browse my client’s Policy and About pages. 
Significantly, my client was able to successfully leverage her relaunched website to help her secure a Vancouver Park Board candidate nomination with OneCity for the October 2022 Municipal Elections. 
Key Takeaways
Key Challenges: While this was not my first time collaborating with clients or doing freelance, it was my first time doing freelance web design. The key challenges involved the following:
• implementing the design within a short time frame
• creating scannability for a text-heavy website
• addressing the website’s informational architecture (IA) and user flow
Collaboration & Communication: During this project, I experienced first-hand the benefits of clear and consistent communication. I found that the best way to kick off a new project is via a virtual meeting, followed by an email recapping the meeting and detailing next steps for myself and the client. Emails are a useful means of communication, but I like to get one-on-one time with the client to ask all my questions and get on the same page before starting. 
Research: Equipped with the Competitive Analysis and Preliminary Investigation I’d done, I felt confident sharing my ideas with the client. The findings helped her visualize the changes I could implement and were essential in guiding our initial meeting. 
Easy maintenance: By utilizing a Wix template, I was able to ensure the website was finished on time and keep things simple enough that my client can make changes without risking compromising the website. It’s user-friendly for the users and user-friendly for my client.
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