Nice to see you here! 👋🏼

My name is Aimer 
I’m a Vancouver-based UX Designer & a graduate from a full-time UX Design diploma program at BrainStation. My work experience includes nearly 1 year of UX Design, 3+ years of freelance art/illustration, and 7+ years of providing quality customer service.
Highly collaborative and curiosity-driven, I excel at streamlining workflows, data-driven design, and visual communication. 
I strive to continuously challenge my design and problem-solving capabilities. Whether it be for Figma, an art commission, an espresso shot, or my pets' cage layout — rest assured you can find me with a small notebook sketching ideas. ✏️
Work Experience 💻
I’ve been expanding my UX knowledge and experience through contract and freelance work. Throughout 2022, I have provided Contract Web/UX Designer services for a client including website redesign and rebranding, copywriting, SEO, and email marketing. 
In July 2022, I began working with Aquatic Informatics’ Marketing & Product teams as a Contract UX Designer to map and create new demo workflows, and rebrand existing ones to be showcased at major customer & industry conferences.
Additionally, I have 7 years of customer service experience. During this time, I gained skills to be successful in fast-paced, customer-facing environments. In the past, I also led and managed a team wherein I developed adaptability, effective communication and organization. I have also been working as a Freelance Illustrator, wherein I established my own clientele and honed my digital illustration skills.
UX Design Education 🎓
I studied International Economics at UBC for 2 years, during which I began honing my skills in academic writing, research, critical thinking and data analysis.
Enthusiastic about the future of tech and the opportunity to work hands-on with software, I then transitioned into the technical field and earned my Computer-aided Design Technician certification at VCC.  I further refined my hard skills by creating measurement and pixel-perfect 2D drawings.
Finally, having discovered that it was the perfect balance between technical skills, research, and creativity, I transitioned to UX Design and attended an intensive UX Design Diploma program at BrainStation. During my full-time UX Design diploma, I had the opportunity to complete an end-to-end Capstone project, redesign websites & apps, join two Design Sprints and win an Industry Project hackathon. 
I look forward to further developing my UX and product design skills by taking on new & exciting design challenges that prioritise improving peoples’ lives. 
Skills ✍🏼
Adobe XD
Adobe Creative Cloud (Ps, Lr, Ai, Pr, Id) 
AutoDesk AutoCAD
Clip Studio Paint Pro
Microsoft Office Suite
Google Suite
Research & Synthesis
Exploratory & Evaluative Research
Experience Mapping
User Research
Usability Testing
Solution Design
User Workflows
Interactive Prototyping 
UI & Visual Design
UX Writing
Apple HIG and Google Material Design
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